In 2017, we set up our first corporate office in Beirut, Lebanon. This office is our headquarters to serve Lebanon and the rest of the Middle East and Africa.

Davai Group sarl is a trading import and export company founded in 2017, based in Beirut, Lebanon. Initially, Davai Group’s primary focus was in the import and trading of alcoholic beverages, beauty products and wood-houses across the Middle East and Africa. Over time it became apparent that our vast network of customers also had requirements for other consumer goods. This prompted our company’s further diversification into the global distribution of FMCG calling upon our strong regional trade ties, knowledge and customer base.

Davai Group derives its strength and professionalism from its culture and values, transmitted through a culture that encourages and empowers. The Lebanese cedar, combines with the Russian bear is our emblem. We stand for strength, boldness, integrity and respect. We believe in strong ties with our partners, on the international and national levels. We rely on the partnership and trust of a growing number of manufacturers, who enable us to develop interesting results in many fields.

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