Belarusian cosmetic brands were established comparatively a short time ago, but already are popular in Belarus and abroad. Primarily thanks to the use of organic components, quality and affordability.

Belarusian cosmetics are rapidly becoming international brands. The producers rival foreign firms as they use similar high quality ingredients. A cream with extracts of caviar or snail mucin is made in Belarus as well but its foreign counterparts are more expensive. Clients openly admit that they often buy Belarusian cosmetics to take them to many countries in Europe, Russia, Ukraine or Poland. The mature skin VIP care series enjoys popularity even in America. Products such as those using tea tree oil are perfect for problematic skin and are just as effective as the foreign brands. The best evidence for a cosmetologist is, of course, to observe changes in the face first hand.

The Belarusian perfumery industry is also young particularly when compared to Europe’s leading perfumery manufacturers, however, it already offers a number of good fragrances to connoisseurs.

The main direction of production export is Russia. However, Belarusian supplies of cosmetic products were carried out to markets of such countries as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, USA, Canada, Germany, Lebanon, the Czech Republic, Armenia, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, Cyprus, Iran, Tajikistan, New Zealand, Macedonia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Afghanistan, Egypt and others.